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Gary's Touch
Gary's Touch

Montreal Premiere
star Hosted by Writer/Director KEN TAKAHASHI

2006 | 25 min | 16mm
English language

Screening Times

July 12th, 2007
5:00 pm
Hall Theatre

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Gary hangs around toilet seats in women’s bathrooms. Gary keeps containers of his semen in a refrigerator. Gary walks alone. Imagine a Buddy Giovinazzo film crossed with Harmony Korine and Jorg Buttgereit. Haunting, revolting, poetic, oddly comical and painfully honest, we guarantee this one will take you to places you never wanted to go and will linger in your memory well beyond any point of comfort. A recent screening in Ontario triggered a police investigation. Writer /director/editor/composer Ken Takahashi has made a heavy, brilliant masterpiece of transgressive auteur cinema. A major prize-winner at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival.

—Mitch Davis


Hosted by Writer/Director KEN TAKAHASHI




Director: Ken Takahashi
Screenplay: Ken Takahashi
Cast: John Rykelykhuizen Lulu Mendez Amanda Bui Duncan Black Jason Daley
Producers: Ken Takahashi
Distributor: Microwave Films

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