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Murder Party
Murder Party

Canadian Premiere
star WINNER: Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature, SLAMDANCE WINNER: Festival Award, Best Feature Film, VAIL FILM FESTIVAL

2007 | 80 min | HD
English language

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Screening Times

July 21st, 2007
7:55 pm
Hall Theatre

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It’s Halloween. You somehow have zero plans to speak of and are anticipating a quiet evening at home with the cat. You receive an unexpected, unsigned invitation to a unique-sounding party -- a “murder party.” It’s taking place in a warehouse. Do you go? Chris goes. He goes in costume, dressed as a very low-rent knight. Not five minutes after arriving, Chris finds himself attacked, tied to a chair and surrounded by a weaponed-out pack of pretentious, self-obsessed artists who hope to “rule the scene” and get access to grant money by pulling off the most artistic murder-of-a-stranger in history. They have yet to determine how they’ll kill him, and they’re kind of in shock that someone even responded to their anonymous invitation, but… Enough with the plot synopsis, just SEE THIS FILM!

A total disembowelment of selfish and insincere art scenes, Murder Party is an amazing load of fun that is far more about narrative than it is about plot. The increasingly hateful and neurotic interplay between its unusual ensemble of characters is what really makes this one shine, along with a riotously bloody last act that brings the house down everywhere it screens. Murder Party had its world premiere a few months ago at the Slamdance Film Festival and the internet buzz machine instantly exploded into overdrive. It ended up winning the fest’s prize for Best Narrative Feature, the same prize it won when it later screened in Colorado at the Vail Film Festival. Writer/director/cinematographer Jeremy Saulnier has made brilliant use of an ultra-low budget, throwing together a feature that takes place nearly entirely in a single location, cast with an extremely capable and engaging pack of unknown actors who he’s armed with a very funny script that just keeps getting better as all hell builds and breaks loose. Notably, the film itself bears no onscreen director’s credit, choosing instead to attribute everything to a collective, The Lab of Madness, as numerous cast members also served as producers, crew etc. It’s a winning team and their group efforts have delivered a smart, blood-soaked screwball crowd-pleaser destined for cult status.

—Mitch Davis

“An amusingly over-the-top horror comedy pic erupts in a riot of outrageous, quite funny violence that leaves almost no one alive" - Dennis Harvey, VARIETY

"The film is downright f*cking hilarious... inventive, fun, and truly one of a kind." - AIN’T IT COOL NEWS


WINNER: Audience Award, Best Narrative Feature, SLAMDANCE WINNER: Festival Award, Best Feature Film, VAIL FILM FESTIVAL




Director: Jeremy Saulnier
Screenplay: Jeremy Saulnier
Cast: Chris Sharp Macon Blair Sandy Barnett Paul Goldblatt Stacy Rock
Producers: Chris Sharp, Skei Saulnier
Distributor: Screen Media Ventures

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