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Tripper, The
Tripper, The

Canadian Premiere
star CANADIAN PREMIERE, Hosted by Writer/Director/Star DAVID ARQUETTE

2007 | 93 min | 35mm
English language

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Screening Times

July 11th, 2007
9:30 pm
Hall Theatre

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The mere description of The Tripper garners chuckles and shivers from the get-go: An axe-weilding Ronald Reagan lookalike decides to deliver the ultimate presidential veto to a group of drug-taking modern hippies on the way to a rock concert in California’s spookily primeval redwood forests. The bloody fun in this subversive horror comedy begins when said hippies -- played by a top-notch cast headed by Jaime (Sin City) King, Lukas (Mars Attacks) Haas and Jason (Clerks) Mewes, plus King’s meddling, hotheaded ex-boyfriend Balthazar (Feast) Getty stalking from the sidelines -- head north on a road “trip” to attend a retro music fest, the sort that enchanted the bygone ’60s generation and one filled with similarly ample amounts of hallucinogens and sex. But worse than a bad acid flashback, a Reagan-obsessed maniac, spouting familiar Gipper slogans, appears on the scene to mete out some conservative-style justice to the partying kids. And if you don’t fall victim to old Ronnie, perhaps his killer dog “Nancy” (!) will do the trick!

Actor David Arquette, no stranger to self-reflexive slasher sendups, has learned much from his Scream tenure to make his directorial debut on the gory and witty The Tripper. The film, obviously, subtly skewers the economically robust Reagan years. Arquette and co-screenwriter Joe Harris point out that Reagan’s policies may have restored a nation, but they also created a monster or two out of the disenfranchised on the fringes, i.e. the mentally ill prematurely released from care facilities due to budget cutbacks. But horror fans do not come to a film like The Tripper to be preached to -- they want splatter and lowbrow jokes and any subtext is just gravy. So The Tripper is filled with tons of limb- and head-loppings, assorted mutilations and gallons of crimson to compete with the arboreal green, not to mention copious nudity and drug humour. Best of all, Arquette has assembled a wonderful team of actors, which also includes wife Courtney in a cameo, Thomas (The Punisher) Jane as a mostly clueless sheriff, and, stealing the show, former “Pee-wee Herman” Paul Reubens as the sleazy concert promoter who gives new meaning to the term “shithead.”

—Tony Timpone

“A brilliantly executed, politically charged homicidal satire of our generation” - Jack Reher, HORRORREVIEW.COM

“Wickedly funny… a treat for moviegoers that came of age in the 1980s” - Jim Hemphill, REEL.COM






Director: David Arquette
Screenplay: David Arquette, Joe Harris
Cast: David Arquette Richmond Arquette Courteney Cox Balthazar Getty Lukas Haas
Producers: David Arquette, Evan Astrowsky, Courteney Cox, Neil A. Machlis, Navin Narang
Distributor: 20th Century Fox

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