Ubisoft Presents Fantasia 2008
Lady Blood

Lady Blood

World Premiere

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Director: Jean-Marc Vincent
Screenplay: Hubert Chardot, Emmanuelle Escourrou, Jean-Marc Vincent
Cast: Emmanuelle Escourrou, Matthias Van Khache, Serge Riaboukine, Philippe Nahon, Shirley Bousquet, Bruno Slagmulder, Bruno Solo, Luc Schiltz
Producers: Eric Porcher (Alterego Films) , Josiane P. Belair (Eifel Tech.)
Distributor: David Cholewa (DC MEDIA)

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Foet (dir. cut)   

Foet (dir. cut)

Canadian Premiere
2007 | 15 min
English language


Several years after giving birth to a hideous creature, Yanka, the young heroine of Alain Robak’s BABY BLOOD, is rebuilding her life. She’s married to the psychiatrist who healed her psychological wounds and is the mother of an adorable little girl. Yanka has also found employment with the police department. While her line of work may at times be trying, she nonetheless lives a peaceful and pleasant life, allowing her to leave her painful past behind her—until it returns to haunt her. A series of vicious murders obligates her to tenaciously pursue a sadistic killer. As the mutilated bodies pile up at a fearful rate, Yanka realizes that the clues the murderer leaves behind are directed at her. She’s convinced that the monster she spawned so long ago is back. It seems to be reaching out for her with the intention of beginning the horror anew—the only possibility is that it seeks to reproduce.

Given the recent wave of intensely violent film out of France, it’s only logical that the monster from BABY BLOOD would capitalize on the occasion for a blood-soaked return visit. In this sequel to the twisted classic of fantastic cinema, Emmanuelle Escourrou reprises the role of Yanka as well as co-scripting with director Jean-Marc Vincent and screenwriter Hubert Chardot. Though entirely faithful to the first film, LADY BLOOD takes an interesting turn into the crime-thriller zone. Which isn’t to say that some exceptionally sanguinary sequences don’t transpire here, scenes certain to delight thirsty gorehounds. The keystone of the cast is the iconic Philippe Nahon, the great actor who so terrified Fantasia crowds with 2004’s HAUTE TENSION. This is a world premiere, so be among the first to face LADY BLOOD!

—Simon Laperričre (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)