Canadian Premiere

  • USA 2009
  • 83 min
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by co-directors Danny Kuchuck and John Weiner

Official Selection, Sci-Fi London 2009
Official Selection, Dances With Films 2009
Official Selection, Brooklyn International Film Festival 2009

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“Taut... Inspired... succeed(s) in making a highly implausible story eminently credible by rooting the action so firmly in the everyday” — EMPIRE MAGAZINE

“Pack(s) a considerable emotional punch” — QUIET EARTH

“With all its plausible scientific explanations, twists, turns and paradoxes the outcome will keep you guessing right up to the end, even after you think its over” — SCI-FI LONDON


Director: Danny Kuchuck, John Weiner
Screenplay: Danny Kuchuck, John Weiner
Cast: Julie Carlson, Toby Huss, Johnny Pacar, Jadin Gould
Producers: Danny Kuchuck, John Weiner
Distributor: Danny Kuchuck


Imagine if you called your old phone number from childhood days—and your old self answered. Now imagine this happening on the anniversary of your mother’s accidental death. You’re speaking to your younger self and you realize that at this very moment in the past, your mother is still safe and alive. You need to convince your infant self to stop your mother from taking the steps that you know will lead to her death, and you have very little time to make that happen. Every change that occurs in the past is altering the present in real time. You have no idea what the consequences of your doing this will be on every other aspect of your life, but you have to go for it anyway. But what if there were other, even darker aspects to what happened to your mother on the day she died? Things you couldn’t possible have known about or understood as a child? Your young self has already been decimated by tragedy and horror. Are you setting her—and yourself—up for something even more terrible?

Our synopsis only scratches the surface of why CRYPTIC is such a phenomenal little film. A low-budget indie work that came from out of nowhere and left every one of us floored, this character-driven time-travel thriller is reminiscent of the strongest TWILIGHT ZONE episodes and it hits with major impact. That it does so without any reliance on special effects, all the while refusing to take conventional routes in its storytelling, make it all the more extraordinary. Co-directors Danny Kuchuck and John Weiner have created a wickedly engaging film that consistently surprises, made with boundless imagination and soul. Affecting character writing, heart-stopping twists and turns, and exceptional performances from its young cast seal the deal and make CRYPTIC precisely the rare kind of micro-budget indie treat we hunt through mountains of mediocrity hoping to find.

—Mitch Davis

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