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Trick ’r Treat

Sponsored by: Dark Wave Nights (DWN) at Club Saphir
  • USA / Canada 2008
  • 100 min
  • 35mm
  • English

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“A horror/comedy which actually works flawlessly on both levels... one of the best genre films of the past few years” — Staci Wilson, HORROR.COM

“A trip back to the ‘80s when the goal was to excite and entertain, not torment” — Mr. Disgusting, BLOODYDISGUSTING.COM


Director: Michael Dougherty
Screenplay: Michael Dougherty
Cast: Brian Cox, Anna Paquin, Dylan Baker, Quinn Lord
Producers: Bryan Singer
Distributor: Warner Bros.


You’ve heard it all before but this time it’s for real: TRICK ’R TREAT is the film that horror fans have been waiting for—the antidote to every insipid remake, sequel and overhyped “holy grail” we’ve had to suffer through in recent years. Bursting onto the screen with endless energy, first-time director Michael Dougherty (co-writer of X-MEN 2 and SUPERMAN RETURNS) has cast aside all pretensions and delivered a wildly entertaining slice of EC Comics gold equal to CREEPSHOW and the very best of TALES FROM THE CRYPT. Told over the course of a single Halloween night, the story follows a multitude of characters (teens, parents, several small kids and one angry old man) through four interweaving stories. At the center of it all is the diabolical Sam—a creepy kid who sports an iconic mask and delivers his own brand of havoc throughout. To say anything more would be criminal, but these classic anthology stories waste no time delivering the gory goods.

This is the kind of horror movie that reminds us why we fell in love with horror movies. It may not be high art, but TRICK ’R TREAT brings back a kind of purity that has long been absent from movie screens: the feeling of an old-school monster mash best viewed in a theater full of cheering fans. Sure, we’ve seen plenty of spookhouse “rollercoasters” over the years, but even the best ones have had a degree of artificiality to them. Dougherty understands exactly what makes these movies tick and serves it all up with a series of perfectly timed laughs, shocks, twists and practical make-up FX gags. On top of it all, TRICK ’R TREAT’s beautiful cinematography and score generate an atmosphere thick enough to insulate your house and, combined with stellar sets and costumes, brings All Hallow’s Eve to vivid life like never before. The cast is also of a much higher calibre for a film of this type with esteemed actors like Brian Cox, Anna Paquin and Dylan Baker delivering crazed performances that are an absolute blast to watch. Dougherty’s clever script also deserves special props for its unrelenting and savage sense of humour (which definitely pushes the envelope by Hollywood standards).

—Andrew Kasch, DREAD CENTRAL

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