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La Nuit excentrique

Montreal Premiere

La Nuit excentrique La Nuit excentrique La Nuit excentrique La Nuit excentrique La Nuit excentrique La Nuit excentrique

Hosted by Founder of la Nuit excentrique and Director of la Cinémathèque française Jean-François Rauger

Presented in collaboration with the Cinémathèque française

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Attention, psychotronic superfiends! You are cordially invited to a prestigious event, at which only those with a gift for discerning the best of the worst are welcome. Fantasia is delighted to partner with la Cinémathèque française, not for a common Kurosawa retrospective, but for the very first Montreal edition of la Nuit excentrique! In 2005, la Cinémathèque’s director of programming and Lord of the Bs, Jean-François Rauger, connected with the reference site Nanarland to organize a memorable evening that found Paris awash in glorious cinematic trash. The filmic happening was an astounding success and has since become an annual event — Christmas for crap-hounds! Knowing that our festival’s fans would never turn up their noses at a buffet of bodacious badfilm, importing la Nuit excentrique to our town was only obvious!

The program begins with a classic of la Nuit excentrique — DEVIL STORY by Bernard Launois! From its first frames, it’s clear something is wonderfully out of whack here. A Nazi zombie with a giant knife terrorizes the French countryside and gets tangled up in tent ropes. There’s also a lovesick mummy, a devilish kitty and music from ONCE UPON A TIME… MAN. It’s a cornucopia of incompetence loaded with crummy effects, worse performances and endless unintentional laughs. After seeing the final version, one of the actors quit film work entirely. Entirely understandable!

Next up, discover the utterly bizarre LA COMTESSE HACHISCH, a less-than-convincing ant-drug broadside (the actors themselves seem more than a bit buzzed), and come face to face with Capitaine Droit-Devant!

The best — of the worst — is still to come! We’re saving it for dessert! Since time immemorial, the human race has polluted the planet and fished the seas. But that’s about to change because we’ve personally offended God — who has just landed in the desert, ready to punish a few villains! Given that God is a cyborg from outer space with magic powers, expect the worst. Forget Terrence Malick’s THE TREE OF LIFE, which posed the question, “Were you there?” Actor, producer, director, writer and probably caterer Neil Breen’s I AM HERE… NOW may not make much sense (we’ll award a medal to anyone who can follow the storyline), but it will make you regret to the end of your days that litter you dumped last Tuesday. With its ham-fisted eco-message, this philosophical flop amazes with its inability to do anything, anything at all, right.

—Simon Laperrière (translated by Rupert Bottenberg)

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