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Feature Films : Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight

Ciné-Asie presents Fantasia's 2nd annual Korean Film Spotlight

Congratulations to the Korean Film Spotlight of Fantasia 2011. We have witnessed Korean films gained more popularity and recognition for its unique story lines, wonderful cinematography and excellent stories in recent years around the world. I wish the Korean Film Spotlight to become an important event supporting the diversification and
development of the Fantasia Film Festival. I extend my warm congratulations to Ciné-Asie for arranging this meaningful event. Bon Cinéma!

Chong Hoon KIM

Ambassador / Consul General

Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, Montreal

It brings me great pleasure to bid you welcome to the fifteenth edition of the Fantasia Film Festival. I would like to highlight, once again, the precious collaboration with the Ciné-Asie Film Organization. Ciné-Asie has permitted Fantasia to present a selection of the best Korean films of the year, since 1998. We thus hope to be able to count on your presence to come to note the constant progression of national cinematography, which does not cease to surprise by its level of knowledge of exceptionality. The Korean films have been, for a long time, the most appreciated films of Fantasia. Come and discover why this edition of the Fantasia cinematic voyage promises to take you away into the unimaginable.
Bon cinéma!

Pierre Corbeil

President / Président du festival Fantasia

This year, the 2nd edition of the Korean Film Spotlight at Fantasia will present delightful films. We will discover the acclaimed directors and a number of the talented fresh directors’ first feature films.The invited multiple-award winning directors from South Korea will present their most recent films at Fantasia: Ryoo Seung-wan, director of THE UNJUST, a gritty story of cops and crime starring Ryoo Seung-beom and Hwang Jung-min. The creator of THE KING AND THE CLOWN, Lee Joon-ik, arrives with another variation on the historical epic, BATTLEFIELD HEROES, and has been invited onto the jury for the main competition section at Fantasia. Lastly, Lee Hae-young, responsible for the witty film, LIKE A VIRGIN, presents FOXY FESTIVAL, a smart comedy about sexual secrets and desires.

Ciné-Asie will also organize colourful events that are culturally diverse and cinematic inspiring during Fantasia: Master Class on Action cinema, East-Asian Calligraphy workshop, Korean Five Drums performance, Storytelling concert and Industry Luncheon. We thank for those who have been supportive to this project: Mr. Kim Chong hoon, Ambassador and Consul General at General consulate of the Republic of Korea in Montreal; Pierre Corbeil, President at Fantasia; and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Special thanks to our long-time collaborators; KOFIC, CJ Entertainment, M-Line Distribution, Showbox, Finecut, Indiestory, all of the devoted Fantasia team, and our royal sponsors and advertisers.

Lastly, a special thanks to our public and the fantastic team at Ciné-Asie. Bon cinema!

Mi-Jeong Lee

Director / Founder Ciné-Asie

East Asian Calligraphy Workshop
3:00 PM, July 30, Atrium at Concordia University’s Webster Library Building
Traditional Korean 5 Drums Dance at BATTLEFIELD HEROES
7:00 PM, July 31 (Sunday) at Hall Theatre

You can find our brochure by clicking here

Come by our booth for additional information.
The Ciné-Asie Team

  • Battlefield Heroes

    Battlefield Heroes

    South Korea 2011 | 117 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Lee Joon-ik

  • Bleak Night

    Bleak Night

    South Korea 2010 | 116 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Yoon Sung-hyun

  • Foxy Festival

    Foxy Festival

    South Korea 2010 | 110 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Lee Hae-young

  • Ghost


    South Korea 2010 | 10 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Dahci Ma

  • Haunters


    South Korea 2010 | 100 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Kim Min-suk

  • Hello Ghost

    Hello Ghost

    South Korea 2010 | 111 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Kim Young-tak

  • Invasion of Alien Bikini

    Invasion of Alien Bikini

    South Korea 2011 | 75 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Oh Young-doo

  • Night Fishing

    Night Fishing

    South Korea 2011 | 33 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    PARKing CHANce (Park Chan-wook, Park Chan-kyong)

  • Petty Romance

    Petty Romance

    South Korea 2010 | 110 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Kim Jeong-hoon

  • The Unjust

    The Unjust

    South Korea 2010 | 119 min

    Korean language , English subtitles

    Ryoo Seung-wan

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