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Jury President

Alexander Franchi


A Franchi

After pursuing a successful banking career in Canada and in the Persian Gulf, Alexandre decided to follow his passion and quit the business world for good. In 1999, he graduated from the Vancouver Film School Foundation Film Program before producing more than 30 music videos and directing two short films in the following years. While completing a directing workshop at the presti- gious Canadian Film Centre in 2003, he directed the award-winning short film TERMINAL VENUS which was presented at the Toronto Film Festival. He later moved back to Montreal where he now spends his time directing films and television commercials. His short fairy tales TROLL CONCERTO, LUV JUNKET, FATA MORGANA and CHIMÈRE, have toured the festival circuit and won sev- eral awards. His first feature THE WILD HUNT won him the Best Canadian First Feature Film award at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, among other prizes. His stories, in which characters escape dreary reality to find solace in imaginary worlds, are a grim reminder of his old banking job.

Gilles Esposito


G Esposito

Gilles Esposito is a journalist for the French magazines Mad Movies and Impact, dedicated respectively to fantastic and to crime and action cinema. He is also among the contributors to the monumental Dictionnaire des films français pornographiques et érotiques 16 et 35 mm, coordinated by Christophe Bier and released by Serious Publishing. Previously, he has written for for such diverse publications as the periodical La Lettre du cinéma and the cultural magazine Sofa. He has also acted in short films, and worked as a script reader for an assistance fund for regional filmmaking.

Lee June-Ik


L June-Ik

Born in Seoul in 1959, Lee has been a part of the film world since 1987, as a film director, producer and actor specializing in comedy and historic films. He gained the world’s cinematic attention with the worldwide festival sensa- tion THE KING AND THE CLOWN (2005), which made its way to the top of the box office in Korea. That film screened at the Fantasia Film Festival, as did his swordfighting epic BLADES OF BLOOD (2010). He has also produced commercial films such as THE SPY (1999) and HI, DHARMA! (2001). Fantasia welcomes him again with his latest epic, BATTLEFIELD HEROES.

George Mihalka


G Mihalka

Born in Budapest, Hungary, director George Mihalka has a long list of achieve- ments in cinema, television, and theatrical productions, as his ability to direct in both English and French guarantees that he is well known in Canada and abroad. His feature credits include the French-language comedies LA FLORIDA (which won the Golden Reel award), L’HOMME IDEAL and LES BOYS IV, all top box office successes in Canada. He has also directed many international features such as the cult horror classic MY BLOODY VALENTINE and BULLET TO BEIJING, starring Michael Caine and Michael Gambon. He is very well known in the television industry for his work on such series as Omertá, Da Vinci’s Inquest, Jozi-H and the Gemini Award-winning biopic Dr. Lucille, among others. Mihalka’s latest feature is the indie comedy FAITH, FRAUD & MINIMUM WAGE (E1 Entertainment), starring Martha MacIsaac as a rebellious teenager whose father, played by Callum Keith Rennie, begins to believe in a religious hoax that she secretly created. Currently, Mihalka is working as an executive producer developing 24 Hour Rental, a gangster comedy series for Reel One Entertainment, and directing Lost Girl for Showcase.

Steven Schneider


S Schneider

A recovering film scholar with MAs in Philosophy from Harvard University and Cinema Studies from NYU, Steven Schneider has quickly risen the ranks to become one of Hollywood's go-to producers of dark genre movies. After writing and editing numerous books on world cinema and the horror genre in particular - titles inclue 1001 You Must See Before You Die (Barrons), Horror Film and Psychoanalysis: Freud's Worst Nightmares (Cambridge UP), 100 Euro-Horror Films (The British Film Institute), Horror International (Wayne State UP), and The Horror Film (Taschen) -- Schneider moved to LA in 2003 to pursue a producing career. After setting up remakes of films such as Pet Sematary (Paramount), Firestarter (Universal), Unman Wittering and Zigo (Dreamworks), and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance (Warner Bros.), he rose to prominence upon the release of global phenomenon Paranormal Activity -- a film he found in rough-cut form and helped usher to the big screen -- in 2009. Since then, his producing credits include Paranormal Activity 2 (the third installment is currently shooting), Insidious (made for just over $1 million, the film is on track to earn close to $100 million at the worldwide box office), Barry Levinson's The Bay (set for release from Lionsgate in 2012), The Devil Inside (another movie Schneider identified early and sold to Paramount; also set for a 2012 release), Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem, Area 51 (Oren Peli's follow-up to Paranormal Activity), and The FP. Upcoming films include the Marcus Nispel-directed Backmask, Flight 75 (to be directed by Takashi Shimizu for CBS Films), and several others.

Tom Vick


T Vick

Tom Vick is the curator of film at the Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, the Smithsonian Institute’s museums of Asian art, where he oversees a year-round program of classic and contemporary films from Asia. He regu- larly travels to film festivals and archives in Europe and Asia to research film programs. He is the author of Asian Cinema: A Field Guide (Collins Books). His articles and essays have appeared in Asian Geographic, Education about Asia, Film Festival Yearbook 3: Film Festivals and East Asia and World Cinema Directory: Japan, among other publications. He has given talks about Asian cinema at the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Delaware Center for Contemporary Art, the Japan Information and Culture Center (Washington, D.C.), the Japan Society, the University of Michigan and other institutions. He grew up watching Kurosawa movies with his dad, and was educated at Purchase College, NY, and the California Institute of the Arts.


Jury President

Jason Eisener


J Eisener

In 2007, Eisener collaborated with Rob Cotterill and John Davies to make the fake trailer, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, which went on to win the SXSW Robert Rodriguez GRINDHOUSE Trailer Competition. With its huge following and sup- port, Alliance Atlantis distributed the trailer theatrically, and was shown in 186 theatres across Canada, along with Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s film GRINDHOUSE. TREEVENGE was the follow-up short film from Jason and Yer Dead Productions Inc., produced in 2008. TREEVENGE details the experi- ences and horrifying reality of the lives of Christmas trees, which then seek vengeance against those who made them suffer. The film had its premiere at the Fantasia Film Festival, winning a slew of awards in the festival cir- cuit of 2009, including an Honourable Mention at the Sundance Film Festival, Audience Award for Best Short at Fantasia, Toronto After Dark, San Francisco Independent Film Festival and many more. It was on the heels of the success of TREEVENGE and the HOBO trailer that Eisener had the idea to turn the Hobo concept into a feature film. The result was an exploitation-style vigilante epic starring Rutger Hauer. Shot in Halifax in the spring of 2010, the feature ver- sion of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN premiered to sold-out audiences at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, and after having recently completed a very successful Canadian theatrical run, it is currently in its U.S. theatrical run.

Jephté Bastien


J Bastien

Producer, director, editor and screenwriter, Jephté Bastien has been direc- tor of photography and editor for many television documentaries. His first feature SORTIE 67 won the prestigious Claude Jutra Award at the Genies in 2010. Moreover, his short films have all been selected for many prizes. HAITI THROUGH MY EYES, a 40-minute docu-fiction, was screened at many film festivals including Reelworld in Toronto and the American Black Film Festival, and won the prize for Best Film of the African Diaspora at the 14th Diaspora Film Festival, in New York. The film also earned a special mention from the jury of the Festival Vues d’Afrique, Montreal. Bastien has a balanced vision that allows him to open his own window into the Seventh Art.

Alexandre Fontaine-Rousseau


A Fontaine-Rousseau

Alexandre Fontaine-Rousseau has been a critic for Panorama-cinéma since 2004. He has recently edited for Panorama the book Vies et morts du giallo : de 1963 à aujourd’hui, which will be launched at Fantasia this year. He has been hosting the radio show États Altérés for CISM since January 2009, a show dedicated to psychedelic and experimental music. He is also co-founder of the fanzine Tout va bien, as well as a DJ for the collective Power Dam Initiative. Alexandre seizes the day and enjoys his youth, because he knows that one day he will be reduced to writing erotic novels for businesswomen in order to pay his electricity bills.

Greg Newman


G Newman

As the Executive Vice President of the Chicago-based MPI Media Group, Newman oversees acquisitions, releases and co-productions for MPI and associated companies. Newman has brokered several high-profile distribution service deals that have helped MPI become among the most active distributors in the ancillary release markets. He has been responsible for a diverse range of domestic releases, including the award-winning IL DIVO, the genre-busting DEADGIRL and new releases MR. NICE and A BAG OF HAMMERS, among others. In 2006, Greg launched MPI’s genre brand Dark Sky Films, longtime home of the original TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and the MPI-produced HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER. Dark Sky Films was an immediate success and has garnered praise for discovering and restoring horror gems as well as producing a consistently original slate. Greg has oo-executive produced many commercially and critically successful features, including THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, Toronto Midnight Madness Audience Award Winner STAKE LAND, THE INNKEEPERS and the forthcoming FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY.


Jury President

Marcel Jean


M Jean

Marcel Jean is a man of cinema, as can be said for a man of literature. He is the author of many books about film, the more recent being Tout est mise en scène, published by Les 400 coups. Not only is he a recognized critic, notably for the magazine 24 images, and a festival programmer around the world, in Zagreb, Annecy, Ottawa, Sienna and Wissembourg. Jean has also directed fic- tion (LE RENDEZ-VOUS PERPETUEL, 1989) and documentaries (ÉTAT CRITIQUE, 1991; ÉCRIRE POUR PENSER, 1998). In 2005, he wrote the screenplay for Patrick Bourchard’s film DEHORS NOVEMBRE, and produced many NFB projects between 1999 and 2005. Jean headed the French wing’s animation studio, producing 27 short films which won 150 international prizes. Finally, Marcel Jean has been teaching film history and aesthetics at Université de Montréal since 1986, and is now a tutor for students of the INIS documentary program.

Jean-François Lévesque


JF Levesque

Born in 1978 at St-Gabriel de Rimouski, Jean-François Lévesque studied trad- itional animation at Capilano University in Vancouver. Since he came back to Montreal, he has worked as an advertising animator, exploring different techniques. He was then recruited by Spectra Animation for a kids’ TV show TOUPIE ET BINOU. In 2005, Lévesque undertook an ambitious short film project that involved puppets and cartoons. THE NECKTIE was a huge success in the international festival circuit and won over a dozen prizes and mentions. On the local scene, the movie won the Public and the Jury prize at the FFM, and the Jutra for Best Animation Production. After a stay in France, where he worked as the animator on a NFB/JPL Films co-production CITROUILLE ET VIEILLES DENTELLES, Lévesque is now directing music videos and commercials as a freelance director. He is also developing a new film project with the NFB.

Heidi Taillefer


H Taillefer

Heidi Taillefer is a professional fine artist living in Montreal, Quebec. It is here that she received the private art instruction which eventually led to a style of work known for its symbolic and surrealist overtones and biomechanical render- ings, highlighting aspects of the human condition in a modern, technological era. Her work has been featured on three occasions as the signature image for the Fantasia Film Festival, but she has been best known for the internationally recognized image of Dralion (Cirque du Soleil, 1999). Her work has exhibited in North America, Europe, and Asia in both galleries and museums, as well as for corporate projects such as with Infiniti car company and Cirque du Soleil, in the production of two art cars.


Jury President

Buddy Giovinnazo


B Giovinnazo

Buddy Giovinazzo was born in New York where he get his Masters in cinema at Staten Island College, before working there as a teacher. He broke into the film scene in 1986 with his first feature, the no-budget COMBAT SHOCK, the whimsical story of a returning Vietnam veteran and the comical antics he encounters along the way as he tries to find a job. His second film, NO WAY HOME, released ten years later and starring Tim Roth, James Russo and Deborah Kara Unger, also take place in the local neighbourhood where he grew up. In 2009 his most recent feature, LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN, a tender tale of love gone awry, had its festival world premiere at Fantasia, which Giovinazzo attended. This year, he’s president of the jury, and also premieres a new work, I LOVE YOU, part of THE THEATRE BIZARRE, a compilation of seven iconoclastic directors and their disturbing visions. Buddy currently lives in Berlin, Germany, at least until the authorities catch up with him...

John Fallon


J Fallon

John Fallon can be seen in movies such as ABANDON, SAW II, ALONE IN THE DARK and DEATH RACE. He was also interviewed for the HALLOWEEN: 25 YEARS OF TERROR documentary and appeared in Eric Red’s 100 FEET opposite Famke Janssen. As a screenwriter, John has written the worldwide- distributed films DEADEN (which he also produced and starred in), RECON 2022 and RECON 2023 (which he co-wrote and acted in) and the upcoming film starring Dominique Swain, TRANCE. As a director, John tackled the music video for the hit song “Gasolina” by Daddy Yankee and the short film THE RED HOURS, which won the Indie Spirit Award at the 2009 A Night of Horror Festival. Last but not least, John also operates and is the lead reviewer (since the year 2000) on one of the most successful horror movie websites in the world, arrowinthehead.com.

Sylvain Houde


S Houde

Sylvain Houde has been working for a long time at Foufounes Électriques as a DJ. He was also a musician in two electronic groups, les Jardiniers and Pat et Thick. In 2000, he wrote a collection of “shorf novels” titled Un petit bleu bourgogne, which included an initial version of L’odyssée de l’extase, a story that was revised, in 2007, by Coups de tête. After Ils iront au firmament in 2002, he made a big comeback in 2010 with Comment appeler et chasser l’orignal, a science-fiction/detecteive thriller hybrid novel, based on conspiracy theories. This book received a special mention by the jury of 2011 Jacques- Brossard Prize, given to the best fantastic literary work in Quebec. This jury qualified the story as “monstrous and dangerous.”

Charlotte Selb



Born in Strasbourg, France, Charlotte Selb took English studies before mov- ing to Montreal, where she obtained a Master’s in film studies at Concordia University. In 2003, she worked at MIDF (Montreal International Documentary Film), first as a programming coordinator, then as a programmer and finally as a programming director. She also collaborates with many major cinematographic events, like Vues d’Afrique and Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, as well as the Genie and the Gemini Awards. Finally, she is part of the nomination committee of Cinema Eye Honors, which honours talent and innovation in international documentary.


Jury President

Catherine Beauchamp


C Beauchamp

Catherine Beauchamp détient un Baccalauréat en communication de l’Univer- sité Laval ainsi qu’une une Maîtrise en gestion des affaires du SUNY Institute of Technology. Elle a commencé sa carrière chez BBDO Montréal, mais après six ans elle quitte la publicité pour s’adonner à une de ses grandes passions, le cinéma. En mars 2008, elle crée le site Internet letapisrosedecatherine.tv, qui offre une variété d’entrevues avec des artisans du cinéma québécois et français, en mettant l’accent sur la gent féminine. Son esprit innovateur et la qualité de ses reportages lui ont mérité plusieurs prix, dont un Prix Gémeaux en 2009 et un Prix Numix en 2011.

Caroline Morin


C Morin

Diplômée de l’UQAM en enseignement du français et de l’histoire, Caroline Morin travaille depuis 1999 à Radio-Canada où elle a amassé une vaste expé- rience du monde de la télévision et de la radio. Elle a notamment travaillé comme recherchiste à Tout le monde en parle, réalisatrice à C’est bien meilleur le matin et chroniqueuse de littérature québécoise à Tam Tam Canada. Elle est présentement réalisatrice des émissions Babylone Café et Je l’ai vu à la radio, à la Première Chaîne de la SRC. Elle est également coauteure du livre Être prof, trucs, conseils et témoignages, paru aux éditions Logiques en 1998.

Dino Tavarone


D Tavarone

En 1995, Dino Tavarone fait une entrée remarquée dans le monde de la télé- vision en jouant dans la série populaire OMERTÀ, où son interprétation de Giuseppe Scarfo lui a valu deux mises en nomination aux prix Gémeaux en 1996 et 1999. Il a depuis tenu des rôles importants dans une variété de séries télévisées, de films, ainsi que des pièces de théâtre. Notamment, son rôle dans le long métrage 2 SECONDES lui a valu une nomination comme meilleur acteur aux Jutra en 1999. Il paraitra prochainement dans la pièce L’Amuse-gueule, qui joue cet été au théâtre du Vieux de Terrebonne.


Julie Brisson


J Brisson

Diplômée en sciences politiques à l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Julie Brisson poursuit présentement des études en photographie à l’Université Concordia. Son engagement dans le monde du cinéma existe de longue date : depuis neuf ans, elle est copropriétaire et fondatrice du vidéo-club Le Septième, qui constitue une importante ressource en cinéma de répertoire. Chaque année, le Septième s’associe fièrement aux festivals de films mon- tréalais comme Fantasia, Spasm et le Festival du Nouveau Cinéma. Cinéphile avisée, Julie Brisson se fait un devoir de soutenir les réalisateurs de films indépendants, raison pour laquelle elle est membre du jury pour la section Québec D.I.Y. cette année.

Géraldine Charbonneau


G Charbonneau

Diplômée de l’INIS, Géraldine scénarise APRÈS TOUT, court métrage réalisé par Alexis Fortier Gauthier, qui remportera le Prix Génie du meilleur court métrage dramatique en 2008, le Prix du meilleur court métrage canadien au Worldwide Short Film Festival de Toronto, ainsi que plusieurs autres prix. Elle poursuit ensuite en écrivant quelques courts métrages dont CAPORAL CREVETTE, coscénarisé et réalisé par Christian Laurence. Elle passe ensuite à la réalisation avec BASSE NORMANDIE conçu avec Simon Lavoie et Alexis Fortier Gauthier, puis elle scénarise et réalise LA PILULE, sa première réali- sation en solo qui obtiendra le Prix du meilleur court métrage canadien au Festival international du cinéma francophone en Acadie en 2010. Elle termine actuellement l’écriture d’un premier long métrage qu’elle développe avec Lorraine Dufour à la Coop Vidéo.

Karl Filion


K Filion

Originaire de la ville de Québec, Karl Filion complète un baccalauréat en études cinématographiques à l’Université de Montréal en 2010 alors qu’il travaille déjà pour le site Cinoche.com depuis 2003. Combinant les fonctions de journaliste et de critique depuis le lancement du site, il se consacre aussi au développement de ce dernier afin d’en faire une référence québécoise en matière de cinéma. Il est en charge de la portion éditoriale du site, s’intéressant tout particulière- ment au corpus québécois et aux réalisateurs d’ici. Il est aussi chroniqueur à l’émission Temps libre à Radio Ville-Marie et a participé au jury du Prix de la critique de Prends ça court! lors des deux dernières éditions.

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