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Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend - the Movie ("Daikaiju Batoru Urutora Ginga Densetsu Za Mubi")

  • Japan
  • 2009
  • 96 mins
  • HD
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)

“Opens up the scope of the Ultraman series in a big way... fast, fresh, action-packed” — Jim M. Ballard, SCI-FI JAPAN

Three million light years from Earth, the Land of Light in the M78 Nebula is the homeworld of the super-being Ultraman, protector of the universe. Eons ago, however, an Ultra warrior called Ultraman Belial became corrupted by the dark power of the Plasma Spark—the core of the artificial sun of Ultra, the source of power of the Ultra beings. This extreme burst of energy drove Belial into total madness, transforming him into a megalomaniac Super-Evil Ultraman. Attempting a rebellion, he was stopped by Ultraman King, the oldest and wisest Ultra being whose origin and powers are shrouded in mystery.

In a not too distant future, the alien Zarab (from the original ULTRAMAN series) has come to free Belial from prison and give him a forbidden weapon, the Giga Battle Nizer, a sceptre of unfathomable power which can summon and control a hundred monsters. Ultraman Belial is now returning home, hungry for revenge. Destroying everything in sight, he defeats the mighty warriors of Ultra and transforms the whole planet into an icy tomb. Ultraman Mebius is thrown into outer space and so avoids being frozen with the rest of his people. The other survivors are Ultra Seven and Ultraman. They have barely enough power to send Mebius in search of the only one who can save the people of Ultra, a man called Ray. Half human, half alien, he possesses the ability of Rayonix—a natural power to control monsters.

MEGA MONSTER BATTLE : ULTRA GALAXY LEGEND is a complete rebirth of Tsuburaya’s 43-year-old franchise, making the most of new special-effects technology. The scope is much greater than previous ULTRAMAN outings with almost every shot in the movie containing digital effects (and, please note, former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi voicing Ultraman King!). The action and fighting style of the Ultramen is very different and much faster than before, offering a totally free springboard to the imagination. This is kind of story that could only be told through manga or anime before. Deploying great expertise in martial arts and spectacular stunt works, ULTRA GALAXY LEGEND brings us the homeworld of Ultra like we’ve never seen it before. Witness the origin of Ultra, the training of the Ultra warriors and a hundred classic monsters in an orgy of a unprecedented, all-out-action battle sequences! A new era has been born—Ultraman forever!

— André Dubois