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Academy of Doom

Canadian Premiere
  • USA
  • 2008
  • 85 mins
  • Video
  • English

The Mil Mascaras wrestling women’s academy is world-famous, and the most famous figure there is the gorgeous woman known as La Torcha, who hides her identity behind a hot red mask and costume — and in the tradition of the best of the legendary luchadores, she’s also a crime-fighter in her free time. The school finds itself the focus of criminal investigation when the bodies of several students are discovered. The victims have been murdered in the most ghastly fashion, with their brains sucked out! Following his criminal activities in MIL MASCARAS VS THE AZTEC MUMMY the villainous masked madman known as Luctor is terrorizing the academy in order to take control of it. Meanwhile, an eccentric baron from the country of Salinia is trying to enter his daughter into the wrestling academy, but she may hold a secret that could endanger the very life of every student. Mil Mascaras finally arrives at the school to assist in the investigation by his friend La Torcha. Together, they soon find themselves facing a mysterious horde of brain eating werewolves....

ACADEMY OF DOOM was produced by the University of Missouri/Columbia, which has pushed beyond the leading edge in the area of technology for digital film and entertainment. The new era of film production is as much an engineering exercise as it is an artistic endeavour, and the school’s efforts are a radical departure from traditional film and theatre programs. ACADEMY OF DOOM was directed and edited by instructors and students at the university following their production, MIL MASCARAS VS THE AZTEC MUMMY. ACADEMY OF DOOM, like its predecessor, is the brainchild of a real-life professor at the university, Dr. Jeffrey Uhlmann, who dons cowl as the treacherous Luctor before the camera. Uhlmann had successfully resurrected a genre thought to be extinct — the Mexican masked-wrestler movie. His latest adds a feminine twist to the high-flying heroics of the lucha libre canon. ACADEMY OF DOOM has everything it takes to tempt true believers — the colourful costumes, monsters and masked mayhem. Olé!

— André Dubois