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New Kids Turbo

  • Netherlands
  • 2010
  • 84 mins
  • DCP
  • Dutch
  • English (subtitles)

“A mish-mash of stupidity that makes Beavis and Butthead look like Einstein and Ben Franklin... funny as hell” — Noah Lee, FILM THREAT

“Insanely hilarious” — Germain Lussier, SLASHFILM

The European financial crisis has never been more eloquently and expertly parodied than in this jaw-dropping Dutch blockbuster, which spurts one of the most vulgar, offensive, and just plain hilarious slices of cinema ever made off the screen. Hold on to your jaw, because it’s about to hit the floor. In small Dutch village of Maaskantje, a group of mulleted social outcasts find themselves simultaneously fired from their go-nowhere jobs and desperate to make ends meet. Giving up on the society that abandoned them, they decide to quit paying for anything and everything, which sparks a nationwide uprising and sends the Netherlands into turmoil — but thankfully, we’re all the richer for it.

NEW KIDS TURBO is what every single American comedy of the past decade wishes it could be. It’s every best scene from every Will Ferrell/Danny McBride misfire you’ve ever seen, ratcheted up to 1000. And just when you think no other lines can be crossed, directors/stars Steffen Haars and Flip Van der Kuil slap you across the face with another offense that simply has to be seen to be believed. Spun off of the hit European television series “New Kids”, NEW KIDS TURBO is just as smart and endearing as it is offensive — a testament to the film’s craft that you realize only after the hundredth time you’ve cheered on the film’s group of insufferable, homophobic, and just plain horrible a-holes. Looking like rejects from a Die Antwoord video, NEW KIDS TURBO’s version of Dutch white trash is so shockingly inept, it could come off as unreal in less-talented hands. Yet somehow, even after the fiftieth innocent bystander is gunned down and you’ve heard the film’s stars drop their ten thousandth c-word, you’re somehow still buying that in some wild, untamed part of the world , this sort of thing might actually happen.

NEW KIDS TURBO is, without any hesitation, as hilarious as vulgar comedy gets. If you want your funny bone tickled, look somewhere else — because the boys from Maaskantje are on a mission to tear it out.

— Ted Geoghegan