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Celluloid Experiments 2012

Since 2006, Fantasia has each year presented a showcase of the most audacious experimental short films. Give yourself over again this year to a fever dream defying the rules of time, sequence and logic. We’ve assembled for you a selection fo 20 singular shorts that brought together make up a journey to the heart of the imagination. We’re proud to present the world premiere of Gina Vecchione’s YARNANA (USA), a modern WEST SIDE STORY on a canvas of flourescent yarn. Two other Americans are accounted for as well this year — Joanna Priestley with EYE LINER, a delicate abstract animation exploring the human face, and Emiliy Henricks with MULTIPLY, a reflection on movement using a limited array of images. The Swedish/Danish co-production SUDD (OUT OF ERASERS), directed by Erik Rosenlund, telling the frightening tale of an epidemic of infection. From the Frenchg artist Emmanuel Bernardoux comes ELEVEN, relating the final days of Jesus Christ, from Last Supper to ascension, in stop-motion. With SINS OF THE FATHER, Deco Dawson recaps the magisterial thriller THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (1955) by Charles Laughton, in four minutes and on 16mm, using miniature figurings and evocative sets. Briand Locarno, meanwhile, creates an unsettling world with TRANSMISSION.

Once again, this program is dominated by filmmakers from Canada and Quebec. Hothouse, the NFB’s emerging artists residency program, brings SICK / MALADE by Candance Couse, morbidly complementary to YARNANA. Pierre Hébert, Fantasia’s Animation Jury président in 2010, delivers the captivating RIVIÈRES AU TONNERRE — imagery for the ears. Daniel Faubert opens up a parallel universe with L'AXE, a film about destiny. Fresh and hot from computer of Éric McGuire is NOUS SOMMES L'HORIZON, a contemplation reflection on the beauty of the universe. Every spring, the students at l’École de Design at UQAM put together the Dérapage soirée, a festival of non-narrative micro-shorts under three minutes. Dipping into that pool, we offer you RIEN by Ø, HIBERNATION by Johann Baron Lanteigne, WHAT WAS THAT by Marie-Ève Goulet Beaudoin, LE CORPS EN QUESTION by Fou Malade, Nicolas Ménard’s LA QUATRIÈME DIMENSION and CARRÉ ROUGE by Raphaël Toulouse, as well as three shorts by the collective TIND (This Is Not Design) — 359.64, THE MAN WHO COUNTED TO INFINITY TWICE and TRAMES.

— Marc Lamothe