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Courts Soniques / Sonic Shorts

Fantasia breaks new ground this year with this cavalcade of short films styles like music videos, music videos styled like short films and original musical comedy clips.

Germany’s Jochen Renz directs BIERDECKEL (COASTER), a stop-motion movie using coasters, paint, wine and permanent markers to the music of Thomas Wegner. Noriko Okaku sets off an animated explosion of colours and shapes to the sound of the song ELECTROPIA by Japanese electro group Joyz. The Hard-Ons are a popular Australian pop-punk band, using their tune EVERYONE SEEMS TO BE OUT TO GET YOU as his soundtrack, Mark Gravas presents a bigfoot bumping into lumberjacks, hippies, electric company workers and other angry city folk. France’s Guillaume Rieu shares his love for ’50s science fiction flicks and musical comedies with L'ATTAQUE DU MONSTRE GÉANT SUCEUR DE CERVEAUX DE L'ESPACE, with original music by Mathieu Alvado.

Maxime Brunel animates sensually and poetically in red, white and black to the song VARIATIONS SUR MARILOU, a Serge Gainsbourg classic covered by Alain Bashung. The French band 49 Swimming Pools’ clip for their song A NOTEBOOK AT RANDOM showcases the work of visual artist Emmanuel Bernardoux. The stop-motion short animates various typefaces and photos of the band.

Japanese experimental animator Mirai Mizue, displayes her sense of of rhythm and colour with MODERN NO 2 (music by Twoth).

Sweden’s Johannes Stjärne Nilsson and Ola Simonsson follow up their formidable MUSIC FOR ONE APARTMENT AND SIX DRUMMERS and SOUND OF NOISE with this year’s MUSIC FOR ONE X-MAS AND SIX DRUMMERS, in which a half-dozzen percussionists bang out their beat on mundane household objects. From the U.S. come the world premieres of two epic works, DOCTOR GLAMOUR by Andrew Jones (an irreverent psychedelic comedy with a shot of rock ’n’ roll) and THE DEVIL'S ORCHARY, a hallucinatory Opeth video directed by Phil Mucci. With WONDER WHY, Andy London offers a decidedly urban take on the tune by Vetiver. Canadian Patrick Doan celebrates Chopin with CONSTELLATION, a lyrical digital animation. And of course, Quebec stands tall with WASTED by Gabriel Germain, CATS V2.0 and MAUDITE JALOUSE by Jocelyn Leduc, Max Hattler’s RE:AX and BARFIGHT by Vincent Tourigny.

— Marc Lamothe