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Nakedness Which Wants to Die Too Much ("Shinitasugiru Hadaka")

International Premiere
  • Japan
  • 2012
  • 70 mins
  • HD
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
Hosted by Director/Writer/Actor/Producer Hidenobu Abera and Actress Natsumi Imanaka

Michiru is a very strange, tormented boy. Since early childhood he’s slept in a cardboard coffin. He’s suicidal yet scared of death, which drives him to concoct games mimicking inoffensive suicides. What’s more, his classmates intimidate and humiliate him without cease. But when he encounters the striking Sayaka, hopes spills into his life. To Michiru, Sayaka is an angel — but appearances can be deceiving.

What happens when Harold from HAROLD AND MAUDE meets Lulu of LOVE & LOATHING & LULU & AYANO in a contemporary Japan shaken by treacherous intergenerational shocks? Find out by way of NAKEDNESS WHICH WANTS TO DIE TOO MUCH by Hidenobu Abera, a promising young filmmaker who handles tonal rupture adroitly and shows a talent for invoking lovably imperfect figures from the margins. Touching on a number of universal themes that are particularly pronounced among Japanese youth — suicide, bullying, prostitution of girls just shy of adulthood — NAKEDNESS is a shocking crescendo of teenage rage and anguish blessed with a note of hope and even a charming dash of eccentricity.

— Nicolas Archambault