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The Viral Factor ("Jik Zin")

Quebec Premiere
  • Hong Kong
  • China
  • 2012
  • 120 mins
  • 35mm
  • Cantonese / Mandarin / English / Malay
  • English (subtitles)

“A dizzying flurry of action… just about everything that can happen in an action movie does” – Nick Pinkerton, VILLAGE VOICE

“Seriously impressive stuff… a well-rounded, emotionally-charged blockbuster from a director at the top of his game” – Todd Rigney, BEYOND HOLLYWOOD

“Thrillingly explosive… literally non-stop chases, explosions, fist fights and gun battles” – Hugo Ozman, TWITCHFILM

Jon has two weeks left before his life is over. The gunfire that killed the woman he loves, a fellow agent of the International Defense Commission, has left a lump of lead lodged in his brain. It can’t be removed and Jon’s complete paralysis can’t be prevented. Jon has just two weeks — two weeks to reconnect with his long-lost brother Cheung on the mean streets of Malaysia, to shatter a shadowy conspiracy, to track down and take out the terrorist traitor who killed his lover, and to terminate the threat of a massive smallpox outbreak!

Strap on your crash helmets and brace yourselves for a cinematic adrenaline rush that slams forward with the force of a bullet! Director Dante Lam, a certified crowd-pleaser with such slick, slam-bang hits as THE TWINS EFFECT, BEAST STALKER and STOOL PIGEON, flips the switch to full-auto fire for his latest and greatest action thriller. THE VIRAL FACTOR is nothing short of global in its scope and in its ambitions. The storyline stretches taut as a garrote from Jordan in the Middle East, the scene of the multilingual film’s breathtaking opening clash, to Beijing, China and then Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which became a playground for Lam’s grand visions of action overdrive. The production values are on par with Bruckheimer’s biggest blockbuster but the action itself is hard-hitting Hong Kong kicking of ass at its finest. The film’s leads — Taiwanese superstar Jay Chou (TRUE LEGEND, THE GREEN HORNET) and hot HK property Nicholas Tse (A CHINESE TALL STORY, BODYGUARDS AND ASSASSINS) — punch holes in their public images as pop-singer softies as, in an apparent game of one-upmanship, they tackled the toughest, most terrifying stunts themselves. Expect to walk out of this one, folks, feeling bruised, battered and satisfied.

— Rupert Bottenberg