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Game of Werewolves ("Lobos de Arga")

Quebec Premiere
  • Spain
  • 2012
  • 102 mins
  • HD
  • Spanish
  • English (subtitles)
Hosted by Writer/Director Juan Martínez Moreno

Official Selection: Sitges Film Festival 2011
Calgary Underground Film Festival 2012

“The best werewolf movie in years... full of wit and energy” — Kevin Matthews, FLICKFEAST

“Hugely entertaining” — Justin Richards, BLUEPRINT

Struggling writer Tomas gets an invitation from the mayor of his hometown Arga, a tiny Galician village that’s barely on the modern map and which Tomas has not visited in years. Nonetheless, the people of Arga are extremely proud of Tomas, seeing him as their cultural ambassador to the world. A living symbol that all of Arga can be proud of. They want to give him a special award. It will be a big media affair for all involved. How could he resist? Now, it could be said that the people in Arga are experiencing “a vanishing way of life”. Naturally their customs and mannerisms are a little odd. But there is something else. While Tomas may not have the gift of writing in his blood, he does have something even more rare: a bloody ancient curse! As fate would have it, Tomas is the last of a blighted bloodline whose deeds in the distant past continue to make the lives of Arga’s villagers miserable. A werewolf is among them, and that kind of living doesn’t come cheap. Upon the 100-year anniversary of the curse, a fleeting opportunity presents itself: if a descendant of the cursed clan finds himself eaten by a werewolf who in some way shares his bloodline, the curse may be lifted. The townspeople are going to do everything possible to make sure that this happens. Guess whom Tomas has in the darkest corner of his family tree?

An affectionate and entertaining homage to Spanish horror films of the ’70s and ’80s (the werewolf make-ups actually look like updates of the classic Paul Naschy lycanthropes!), GAME OF WEREWOLVES is ridiculously funny, while at the same time keeping one paw smartly on the ground. Not a fully goofy horror send-up, the film’s humour is instead mostly mined from its characters’ responses to unthinkably bizarre happenings and dangers. And we’re not kidding when we say “bizarre”. Think early Alex de la Iglesia. GAME OF WEREWOLVES will have you howling as loud as its monsters (yes, plural — just wait). There’s a reason why this is the first Spanish film to win the audience award at the La semana de terror de San Sebastian festival in 22 years.

— Mitch Davis