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Young Gun in the Time ("Young Gun Indeo")

North American Premiere
Official Selection, Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival Film Festival 2012

" Oh Young Doo is a filmmaker of exceptional invention, talent and creativity who is already making his mark on Asia's indie film circuit " — James Marsh, TWITCH

Meet Young Gun, the scrappy little private eye with the Hawaiian styles and the clever wiles. Oh, and the replaceable bionic hand — but never mind that. The point is, money is tight and no case is too inconsequential for Young’s struggling agency, especially with his brash bombshell secretary/boss breathing down his neck. Some cases are plain weird, others, well… Young’s caseload gats a whole lot crazier and creepier when a pretty but furtive young woman walks in and requests a murder. Young’s no hitman! But it’s the target’s life or hers, the girl explains. Minutes late, she’s dead. And with that, Young is hurled into a mess of mindbending mystery and mounting menace, a race against time that just might be a leap beyond the edge of time…

Last year, Fantasia unpacked a special surprise with INVASION OF ALIEN BIKINI, an amazingly inventive burst of sexy sci-fi weirdness made for an all but non-existent budget. In newbie filmmaker Oh Young-Doo, South Korea had found its answer to Japan’s Minoru Kawasaki (CALAMARI WRESTLER, EXECUTIVE KOALA) — a giddily playful genre-flick junkie too daring and off-kilter to stick to the program, and too original and empathic to simply shock and titillate. Oh won the Grand Prix at the 2011 Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival, and flush with cash — a whole $30 grand or so! — set out to follow up ALIEN BIKINI with this pulpy, offbeat caper with a time-travel twist. Oh’s leads from ALIEN BIKINI, the charismatic comedy whiz Hong Young Geun and the utterly stunning Ha Eun Jung, return in fine form, surrounded by a band of deliciously quirky characters. Toss in a catchy soundtrack and well-executed bursts of action and you’ve got an indie gem that might be out of step with what’s expected in cinema, but surefooted right through. There’s even rumours of Oh generating further adventures for Young Gun — could it just be a matter of time?

— Rupert Bottenberg