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DJ XL5 vs Orgasmo Sonore

A nocturnal multimedia event!

“The music and the films shines through in swelling, enthusiastic arrangements that seamlessly capture the varied tones of the original pieces — from hauntingly subtle to unsparingly bombastic — without ever seeming like mere retreads” – Kier-La Janisse on Orgamo Sonore in FANGORIA

An alliance between DJ XL5 and Orgasmo Sonore was inevitable. From the first moments of familiarizing themselves with each other’s work, the idea of a collaboration just naturally popped up, and it plays itself out with this double program of DJ XL5’S ZOMBIE ZAPPIN’ PARTY and BANDES SONORES CULTES RE-VISITÉES by Orgasmo Sonore and n.Code.

DJ XL5’S ZOMBIE ZAPPIN PARTY is the logical follow-up to last year’s ITALIAN ZAPPIN PARTY. The zombie clips proved so popular that a short cinematic salute to the living dead had to happen. The program was originally commissioned for Zombie Feast Film Fest 5 in Schenectady, NY, and marked the first on-screen jam between DJ XL5 and DJ Furball. This ZAPPIN PARTY explores, in chronological and thematic order, the evolution of the genre starting with Victor Halperin’s WHITE ZOMBIE (1932). Until the 1960s, zombies were generally associated with voodoo sorcery and the Caribbean was the common backdrop. With the arrival of George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, the iconography of the cannibal zombie literally exploded. These days, the phenomenon of the living dead is more alive than ever. Prepare yourself for oatmeal-faced zombies, dancing zombies, guitar-playing zombies, des funky zombies, blind zombies, rickety zombies, Nazi zombies, horny zombies, dwarf zombies, amphibious zombies, dog zombies and even baby zombies — extracts from 40 different films from today and yesteryear, wrapped together with respect, humour and energy.

CULT SOUNDTRACKS REVISITED is a vibrant tribute to the film scores of the ’60s, ’70s et ’80s, selected from thee works of such composers as Ennio Morricone, Stelvio Cipriani, Goblin, Bruno Nicolai, François de Roubaix and Fabio Frizzi. The result is a mix both faithful and fanciful, electric and electronic, hard-hitting and soft to the touch, esoteric yet essential. Hailing ffrom Montreal, Orgasmo Sonore is primarily a studio project with two albums (REVISITING OBSCURE FILM MUSIC VOLUME 1 and 2) to its credit. This musical homage has made it to stage and screen through a collaboration between Frank Rideau (music and production) aand n.Code (visuel), offering a live spectacle to soothe the most rabid film-score fan.

This event is dedicated to the memory of Le Septième video club (2002–2013).

Fantasia 2013 - DJ XL5 vs Orgasmo Sonore from Fantasia Film Festival on Vimeo.

— Marc Lamothe