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DJ XL5's Decadent Zappin' Party

This year, DJ XL5 celebrates a decade of his Zappin’ Party, ten years that saw the creation of a dozen short-film programs, 19 themed events, five commissioned programs for other festivals and five short films. Seems his insomnia has its uses… it enabled a decade of decadence on screen! Don’t worry, DJ XL5’s DECADENT ZAPPIN’ PARTY isn’t a retrospective. Au contraire! It serves up 35 new short films from here at home and elsewhere. In between them, DJ XL5 hits you with stills, old ads, safety film clips and other found footage fun to evoke a perfect night of poking the remote.

England’s Simon Tofield SIMON'S CAT returns with four new shorts in store. David Leclercq of Belgium has some fun with HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. ZOMBIE, while FIST OF JESUS , from Spain’s David Muñoz, has its Canadian premiere. Likewise three fake ads from the U.S., HELL NO and STAY INDOOR by Joe Nicolosi plus Dan Goodman’s SKINJA. American humorist Ze Frank surprises with four episodes of his animal series TRUE FACTS. More fake ads: from France, Caliman’s RAQUETTE and Philippe Gamer’s extravagant THE CHASE. Take a peek at THE NEW CAMERA, an episode of the hilarious series THE STRANGE WORLD OF MAX X. — a U.K./German co-production by Dave Packer, as well as MY FIRST TWO-DIGIT BIRTHDAY by Swiss multimedia artist Anja Wicki and VAN GORE, a fake ad by Canadian Pande Strauss, who’s plotting a feature-length version. Further U.K. goodies are the ingenious A MORNING STROLL by Grant Orchard and the nutty EVIL DEAD IN 60 SECONDS WITH CLAY and CLAYCAT’S EVIL DEAD II by Lee Hardcastle.

Quebec shines bright throughout with A GIRL NAMED ELASTIKA de Guillaume Blanchand, PISS OFF and a new episode of EVIL JAMES BOND by Simon Beaupré, DRAGON BABY and PLEASE DON’T USE THE FORCE by Patrick Boivin, Carnior’s LE PÊCHEUR ET LE VER, SANTA by Pascal Clément, 7:59 by Nicolas Fournier and POW POW by Gaétan Janelle. The Roadkill Superstar collective unleash the world premiere of their new short NINJA ELIMINATOR III. And lastly, we pay our final respects to UNA FURTIVA LAGRIMA by Luxembourg’s Carlo Vogele.

DJ XL5 is the only Fantasia programmer whose events start 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Show up early!

Fantasia 2013 - DJ XL5's Decadent Zappin' Party from Fantasia Film Festival on Vimeo.

— Marc Lamothe