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La Nuit Excentrique 3: La troisième Nuit Excentrique

Since its inception in 1996, the Fantasia festival enthusiastically takes on the challenge of showcasing the very best of international genre cinema. But since three years, there is the one night were everything shifts, the night during which the screen is infested with improbable creatures spouting absurd dialogue, and where we unearth works that might seem better buried to some. The one night where everything becomes… eccentric!

The official rendezvous for lovers of trash cinema is back with an edition that will surpass the expectations of the most hardened specialist of heartbreakingly (but always hilariously) bad film. For this third Montreal-based Nuit Excentrique, we have prepared an entirely unusual table d’hôte, specially made for those who appreciate the delicious flavour of profund mediocrity. Lovers of so-bad-it’s-good, Z-grade movie mania... bon appetit!

As an appetizer, Film Society guru Philippe Spurrell as once again found some 16mm weirdness in his archives, material confirming that humanity is and always will be a lost cause. You will discover, among many things, a few segments of the obscure and demented French mondo film PARIS, JE T’AIME!

As main course, we are happy to invite once more the incorrigible eccentric Neil Breen. You have read correctly, the maestro responsible for the unforgettable I AM HERE…. NOW is back with his greatest opus to this day. In FATEFUL FINDINGS, Neil interprets a writer ready to do anything to denounce the greatest conspiracy of all times! We don’t really know what it’s about, but we can say it involves supernatural powers, a love triangle and many awkward moments. With this film, Breen shows once again he is incompetent at everything, be it kissing a girl, or simply eating a salad. FATEFUL FINDINGS redefines what cinema can be, but certainly not in the same way that AU HAZAR BALTHAZAR did. 

Tradition requires, we will be treated to an intermission from that will praise the cursed sections of neighborhood video stores. This infernal night will end with a classi… um... charming disaster of science-fiction in which researchers researching god-knows-what bring back from the year 5200... dramatic music, please... a deformed woman with demonic intentions! An eco-conscious message film that will convince absolutely no one, here’s the laughable TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000, an utterly hysterical film that has no need to envy Ed Wood!

— Simon Laperrière