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I'll Give It My All… Tomorrow ("Ore wa Mada Honki Dashite nai Dake")

International Premiere
  • Japan
  • 2013
  • 108 mins
  • HD
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)

Shizuo, an office worker in his early forties who raises his daughter alone with his father, suddenly decides to quit his job and search for his true vocation. At first, this “vocation” lies somewhere between sitting around on his butt, perhaps playing some video games, and working part-time at a fast-food chain. For a mid-life crisis, we’ve seen better. In fact, his new colleagues — especially his 25-year-old manager — never miss a chance to remind him of the dubious nature of his recent lifestyle choices, as does his father who belittles him as often as possible. However, Shizuo is determined to redirect his career… tomorrow. This procrastination nonetheless leads him to realise that there is a path open to him: manga. He possesses a certain talent for drawing and has lots of imagination, experience and time to perfect his art. Yes! He will become a manga artist! Encouraged by his daughter and mocked by his father, he starts working to create a piece worthy of publication, only to be hit by refusal upon refusal, each more creative than the next, from various publishing houses. No matter. Shizuo will go the distance for his dream, even if it means sacrificing every last shred of pride he possesses.

Calling all slackers: I’LL GIVE IT MY ALL… TOMORROW is the perfect film for you! Adapted from Shunju Aono’s manga series published in the magazine Monthly Ikki, known for its innovation and daring, this brilliant dramatic comedy by Yuichi Fukuda (HK/FORBIDDEN SUPER HERO) puts the spotlight on the ultimate lovable loser, a sort of middle-aged AFRO TANAKA standing opposed to the busy standard of life that characterizes Japanese society. The actor Shinichi Tsutsumi, seen at Fantasia in Sabu’s DRIVE and in SPACE BATTLESHIP YAMATO, brings Shizuo to life as an eccentric yet never satirical character, admirably serving a plot that reaches far past a simple situational comedy. A remarkable cast supports Tsutsumi, including the excellent Takayuki Yamada (MILOCRORZE), Ai Hashimoto (THE KIRISHIMA THING) and Gaku Hamada (FISH STORY), constituting a sterling foundation for a work based on the often hilarious and sometimes deeply touching interactions between an eclectic set of characters that will stay with you for a long time. Don’t procrastinate, snap up your ticket to I’LL GIVE IT MY ALL… TOMORROW today!

— Nicolas Archambault