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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey ("Berserk Ogon Jidai-Hen II: Doldrey Koryaku")

Canadian Premiere
  • Japan
  • 2012
  • 95 mins
  • HD
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)

Guts, the stubborn and powerful young swordsman, has found his place in the Band of the Hawk, a fearsome assembly of mercenary warriors let by the ethereal, ambitious Griffiths, possessor of the Crimson Behelit — “the Egg of the King”, a mystical artifact of ominous power. Griffith’s hunger for a kingdom of his own is insatiable, and he will pay any price — or rather, his underlings will pay the dreadful price — to achieve it. As the Midland war rages, the Band of the Hawk moves steadily towards a titanic clash at Doldrey Castle. But Guts, the only one of Griffith’s soldiers who is resistant to his charismatic control, recognizes that he must part ways with this brotherhood of the blade. Griffiths will not allow this to happen with his sword in its sheath, but even he is no match for Guts and his terrible greatsword. Vanquished, Griffiths begins a descent into devastation, one that will have dire consequences for all… Following BERSERK: THE GOLDEN AGE ARC I - THE EGG OF THE KING, Japan’s always astounding Studio 4°C continue their ambitious, and uncharacteristically dark and violent, revisiting of the Medieval-fantasy manga saga by Kentarou Miura.

— Rupert Bottenberg