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HK/Forbidden Super Hero ("HK: Hentai Kamen")

Canadian Premiere
  • Japan
  • 2013
  • 105 mins
  • HD
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
Official Selection, Taipei Golden Horse Fantastic Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, New York Asian Film Festival 2013

Crooks and creeps of all stripes, fear the Masked Pervert! This justice machine, born to a cop father and a dominatrix mother, becomes almost invincible when he covers his face with panties. If he activates the power of his ass-crack by transforming his underwear into a thong with suspenders, you’ll certainly come face to face with his crotch! He dodges bullets by adopting alluring poses, and can incapacitate even the most dangerous opponent with his flying bondage technique. If by some miracle you manage to hit him, he’ll ask for more. Aw, yes! You don’t want to rub the Masked Pervert the wrong way!

However, underneath the disguise of this do-gooder with good genes hides Kyosuke, a shy college student cruelly lacking self-confidence. Everything begins the day the beautiful Aiko, for whom he falls instantly, is transferred into his class. Returning home, Kyosuke stumbles upon a hostage situation and discover to his horror that Aiko is one of the victims. He enters the scene of the crime, and to conceal his identity, puts on the first thing he comes across: a pair of panties. It is at that moment that the sweet feeling of cotton on his face triggers the pervert’s soul he inherited from his mother, as well as the thirst for justice inherited from his father. Kyosuke is transformed into Hentai Kamen, the Masked Pervert who will save the damsel in distress. Despite his daily heroic acts and Aiko’s interest for his alter ego, the shame of having to wear panties on his face forces Kyosuke to conceal his double identity. However, the arrival at his school of a group of resourceful delinquents ready to do anything to counter him could force him to compromise…

HK/FORBIDDEN SUPER HERO is the exact type of irreverent, richly humorous production that will engulf Fantasia in bliss. Directed and co-written by Yuichi Fukuda (I'll GIVE IT MY ALL... TOMORROW), this pastiche of superhero films avoids the excess of references, instead following the genre’s tropes by offering Hentai Kamen’s origin story, his dilemmas as a crimefighter and an array of villains that will know the taste of his crotch. If this adaptation of Keisyu Ando’s manga fully embraces its silly nature by bombarding the audience with phallic gags, it is also done very seriously, as evidenced by irreproachable production value and a torrid pace. Come discover what would happen to SPIDER-MAN were he a panty-sniffer, because we predict HK will be among your most pleasurable movie-going experiences of the year.

— Nicolas Archambault