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New Neighbor

  • Japan
  • 2013
  • 40 mins
  • HD
  • Japanese
  • English (subtitles)

A mid-20s secretary lives in an abyss of unwanted advances from strange men and sexual harassment at her Tokyo office. Worse is the daily hounding her mother gives her to find a husband who can offer her financial security before age renders her looks unsellable.

One day a woman of the same age moves into the apartment next door. The girl is shocked to hear through their common wall the unrelenting sounds of her neighbor's sexual escapades.

As a parade of men and women visits the woman's room at all hours of the night, the girl is both repulsed and fascinated by her new neighbour's brazen sexuality. One night the girl decides to venture into the woman's unlocked room. What she finds is beyond anything she could have imagined.