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Ip Man: The Final Fight ("Yip Mun – Chung Gik Yat Jin")

Canadian Premiere

“Heartwarming, poignant and thrilling” - Gabriel Chong, MOVIEXCLUSIVE

He’s able to leap freely off rooftops, battle rival martial artists and emerge swiftly and scratch-free. Or so a local newspaper has written. But if you can knock him down while he stands on that same edition, you can safely claim you’ve struck down Bruce Lee’s legendary master, Ip Man! The grandmaster has begun clean slate in Hong Kong. He may be a bit older but his lethal combination of virtue, wisdom and kung fu powers is undiminished by previous events in China. With a new entourage of students learning Wing Chun, Master Ip must square off against poverty, the rival White Crane school and the powerful, scarfaced gang lord Dragon, who has mercilessly occupied the Walled City in Kowloon and successfully shielded himself from the law with his infamous bribes and threats of terror.

Brace yourself for the dynamic final chapter of the Ip Man saga! Controversial godfather of exploitation cinema Herman Yau, who helmed the popular prequel THE LEGEND IS BORN - IP MAN (Fantasia 2010), reunites with his UNTOLD STORY star Anthony Wong. Award-winning Wong is a real-life martial artists specializing in monkey kung fu and displays his abilities in all their glory, while his high-caliber thespian skills yield a more nuanced Ip Man than Donnie Yen’s signature performance, while maintaining the spirit of the original actor. Yau expertly immerses us in nostalgia for the ’50s and ’60s with visual vibrancy and humour, sensitively addressing the social upheaval of the era while unleashing some truly breathtaking action set pieces, including the lion-dance competition and the final showdown in the typhoon-battered Walled City. IP MAN: THE FINAL FIGHT features a gallery of familiar faces including Jackie Chan regular Ken Lo (DRUNKEN MASTER 2), Eric Tsang as the White Crane master, and Ip Man’s real-life son Ip Chun injected as a humorous cameo. And watch for a rather familiar figure who appears at the end in a Rolls-Royce! The first-rate action sequences are choreographed by Jackie Chan’s reliable collaborator Nicky Li (PROJECT A II) and a true Wing Chun expert (taught by Ip Man’s actual son!), co-writer/co-producer Checkley Sin.

— King-Wei Chu