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World Premiere
  • USA
  • 2013
  • 90 mins
  • DCP
  • English
World Premiere, Hosted by Writer/Director Eddie Mullins

Dirty Fred (MUTUAL APPRECIATION’s Justin Rice) and Bruho (Larry Clark vet Leo Fitzpatrick) are convinced that the world is in the midst of a volatile last gasp and won’t be around much longer, what with our petroleum resources running out fast and the peak oil crisis this will bring ensuring unimaginable societal breakdown. Given this, they see zero compelling reason to hold jobs or even have homes. Instead they choose to spend whatever time remains wandering around the Catskills, breaking into vacation homes to steal food, drugs and alcohol, living from day to day among the belongings of strangers. Whenever they meet people, they eloquently hit them with hilarious strings of lies about who they are, what they do and — in particular — why they happen to be where they are. Sometimes they just hit people. Because, after all, "if you're on the Titanic and you know there aren’t any lifeboats for you, why not have fun at the bar?"

Billed as a “pre-apocalyptic comedy” and evocative of early Jarmusch, Linklater, Hellman and Varda, DOOMSDAYS is one of the most profoundly counter-culture films you will ever see. It’s a preposterously terrific debut from writer/director Eddie Mullins, former film critic at Films in Review, Slant, Blackbook and — yes — Hustler, filled with instant-classic dialogue and bizarre non sequiturs. Intelligent, funny and genuinely anarchistic-minded, this is truly idiosyncratic stuff, brimming with subtle treats that regularly sprout up from out of nowhere. It’s also very smart filmmaking with numerous extended shots culminating in subtle gags and all manner of clever reveals emerging from unexpected places. Rice and Fitzpatrick are perfectly cast, both distinctive, charismatic presences who absolutely own the screen. Paired together, they share a chemistry that makes their endlessly amusing banter rocket, particularly whenever hapless outsiders are introduced to their vagabond universe. An ingeniously scripted reinvention of the slacker/buddy comedy and an eccentric, eco-conscious fuck-the-world battle cry, DOOMSDAYS is a uniquely good-humored act of total confrontation. It’s easily one of 2013’s greatest surprises.

Fantasia 2013 - Doomsdays from Fantasia Film Festival on Vimeo.

— Mitch Davis