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Son of Sardaar

  • India
  • 2012
  • 140 mins
  • HD
  • Hindi
  • English (subtitles)

Devoted festival-goers will be happy to learn that Ajay Devgan (SINGHAM) is back this year in the comedy SON OF SARDAAR. This time, the charismatic actor is caught in a very old family feud. A long time ago, the chiefs of two rival families were killed in the wake of a dispute, leaving their respective sons Balwinder Singh and Jaswinder Randhawa (Devgan) in mourning. The latter flees to London with his mother while Balwinder awaits his return to Punjab to avenge the death of his father. Years pass, and Jassi one day receives a letter from the Punjabi government offering to buy the family land. He decides to go Punjab himself to close the deal. On the train, he meets the lovely Sukhmit (Sinha) who wins his heart. Upon arrival, he loses sight of her in the confusion on the docks, yet he finds her once again at the local market hours later. His uncle Billu (Dutt), who is in fact Balwinder Singh, invites him to have dinner at his home, where he receives a king’s welcome. All is well until Billu realizes that Jassi is in fact the diminutive of Jaswinder. Furious, his vengeance will have to wait since the family adheres to a strict rule: a guest in the house must never be molested. Billu must then wait for Jassi to leave the house to kill him, but Jassi discovers his plan and finds imaginative ways to thwart his schemes.

With SON OF SARDAAR, Ashwani Dhir offers us a madcap situation comedy that delights its public with a ridiculous accumulation of gags. Its wildly caricatured characters and its colourful universe only add to the fun of the experience, yet SON OF SARDAAR has still more to offer! It also features over-the-top battle scenes, breathtaking musical numbers and an opening sequence that alone is worth the ticket. Dhir gives it his all to ensure that there is never a dull moment and that audiences live an unforgettable experience. At Fantasia, Bollywood films quickly turn into events where people clap, sing and have fun. In the end, you too will find all manner of excuses to stick around.

— Éric S. Boisvert