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Big Ass Spider!

Quebec Premiere
  • USA
  • 2013
  • 85 mins
  • HD
  • English
Hosted by Editor/Director Mike Mendez and Producers Patrick Ewald & Travis Stevens

Official Selection, SXSW 2013
Official Selection, Boston Underground Film Festival 2013
Official Selection, Calgary Underground Film Festival 2013

“Slick and satisfying… Call it silly, but don't call it stupid” - Scott Weinberg, FEAR.NET

“Does almost everything just a tiny bit better than it needs to” – John DeFore, HOLLYWOD REPORTER

“A cheerful, R-rated monster movie" – Peter Martin, TWITCHFILM

The city of Los Angeles is in TROUBLE. A military defense experiment has gone hella off the rails, landing a hospital under tight quarantine as staff and soldiers struggle to contain a bio-engineered killer spider that moves with terrifying speed and agility, spews face-melting venom and grows at an alarming rate per hour. The body count builds. The quarantine holds (for a while). But that won’t stop what’s coming. Before you can say “Mega Spider”, the city is faced with the less-than-fuzzy scenario of trying to exterminate a volatile fifty-foot arachnid. And it’s still freaking growing. A down-on-his-luck exterminator and his new-best-friend of a security guard might be humankind’s last hope. Can. You. Dig. It.

When a film’s title strings together the words “big”, “ass” and “spider”, then follows said configuration up with a big-ass exclamation mark (yes!), things are either going to be supersonically fun or astoundingly tacky. Thankfully, this one checks the first box with mad joy. This will come as no surprise to fans who recognize director Mike Mendez’s name. A longstanding member of the Fantasia Family, Mendez first came to Montreal 13 years ago (!) with his delirious demon nun splatter epic THE CONVENT, returning in 2006 with the intense Sundance hit THE GRAVEDANCERS. BIG ASS SPIDER is something Mendez has spent years working on, striving to deliver a big bug film that would make the subgenre proud — and redeem it from the current wave of awful SyFy channel quickies! This fast, funny and surprisingly grotesque arachno-coaster ride is not afraid to enjoy itself but at the same time, never goes for the easy stupid. Mendez’s films have always had a propulsive enthusiasm to them, and BIG ASS SPIDER allows him to ride that rocket in full effect, backed by fun performances from Greg Grunberg (HEROES), Clare Kramer (returning to Mike-land from THE GRAVEDANCERS), Ray Wise (TWIN PEAKS), Lin Shaye (SNAKES ON A PLANE) and Patrick Bauchau (Argento’s PHENOMENA). In fact, BIG ASS SPIDER has the playful spirit of an ’80s Amblin film — an Amblin film with content that would have Jack Arnold, Joe Dante and Irwin Allen grinning like big-kid madmen!

Fantasia 2013 - Big Ass Spider! from Fantasia Film Festival on Vimeo.

— Mitch Davis