HorrorQuebec / 2013 / 160 mins / English

Special Live Theatre Event! Three Nights Only!
Place des Arts - Cinquième Salle
175 Sainte-Catherine Street W.
August 1, 2, 3 at 8 p.m.
Tickets $24.00 (service charge included)

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Company: Title 66 Productions
Director: Jeremy Michael Segal
Playwright: Clive Barker
Cast: Lucas Chartier-Dessert, Delphine DiTecco, James Harrington, Lily MacLean, Kyle McIlhone, Liana Montoro, Arielle Palik, Logan Williams

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“An extraordinary production of an intricate and altogether marvelous play" - Al Lafrance, BLOODY UNDERRATED

“I've seen Clive Barker's epic HISTORY OF THE DEVIL performed a number of times over the years, but I've never witnessed it quite so masterfully staged and confidently interpreted before. I'm grateful to the Title 66 Troupe for showing how brilliant this play can be." – Douglas Buck, director, FAMILY PORTRAITS: A TRILOGY OF AMERICA, THE THEATRE BIZARRE

"If this story is worth telling it's because it's about being human. The Devil's tale is the tale of our own confusion, ego and inability to live without hope for Heaven."
– Clive Barker
Fantasia is proud to present Clive Barker’s ageless play THE HISTORY OF THE DEVIL ingeniously manifested by the brilliant independent theatre company Title 66 Productions. This darkly entertaining philosophical exploration of the true nature of humankind — Evil, Good and the shadow spaces in between —sees Lucifer himself standing trial in a plea to regain entry into heaven. Witnesses are called to reveal just how the Devil behaved during his 3,000 years walking the Earth among us. Vignettes unfold, morally indefensible acts of violence, abuse and murder are displayed for us to observe, and Lucifer is given opportunity to defend his choices. In more than a few instances, the people who have exchanges with the fallen angel reveal themselves to be of considerably lower moral standings than he, human nature being what it is. As critic Shayne Gryn observed, “This serves to raise the question of whether the Devil is truly evil, or simply the greatest scapegoat in human history.”

An epic play to stage, HISTORY weaves a tale told across thousands of years, with, in this case, eight performers playing no less than 34 roles over the span of a near-three-hour running time. Incredibly, the cast — all of whom are exceptional and appear destined for greatness- pull it off stunningly, attacking and conquering every challenge with sheer acrobatics of performance, charisma and ability. Director Jeremy Michael Segal and his technical dream team (set/costume designer Logan Williams, lighting designer Alexander Smith and mask makers Danielle Fagen and Joshua Cape) have created a show that writhes with visual eccentricity, artfully staged with precision and invention, the devices and infrastructure of theatre frequently toyed with in imaginative ways.

The talent on display in this production is staggering, the layers of performance mesmerizing, the genius of the staging, inspirational. Perhaps most astonishing for such a complex work, the show is linear, engaging and a marvel to behold. That virtually everyone involved with its mounting are in their early twenties (!) makes it all the more breathtaking. Ferociously intelligent explorers in the further regions of experience, the demonically talented Title 66 troupe are about to bear you witness to divinity.

— Mitch Davis