The Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous

Montreal's Fantasia International Film Festival, widely acclaimed as one of the largest and most influential genre film festivals in the world, debuted in 2012 a major new industry-driven venture: The Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous.

The Industry Rendez-Vous featured the new Frontières International Co-Production Market. Frontières was the very first international co-production market to connect North America with Europe and Australasia, in an environment focused specifically on genre film production.

It also included the Fantasia Film Market, which made its official debut to support the sales efforts of the films that were part of the festival’s programming.

The 2012 Rendez-Vous was a resounding success, with more than 250 international film professionals attending, reaching its capacity limits. Thanks to the professional introductions made within Frontières, 5 projects found a producer and 2 projects found an international sales agent. Following the Film Market and their Fantasia premieres, 12 films found a North American distributor and one film sold its remake rights.

Details of the Rendez-Vous events and participants, as well as descriptions of the 2012 Frontières projects can be found by consulting the Market Guide here. Fantasia also associated itself with Festival Scope industry-oriented streaming website, where a page was created to feature the Frontières projects and their director’s previous works, as well as another with a selection of some of Fantasia’s outstanding films from its 2012 programming (see here).

The Fantasia Industry Rendez-Vous will make its return at Fantasia from July 25 to 28, 2013. Once again, these four days will be packed with a series of conferences, a Frontières pitch session, various meeting sessions and networking cocktails, coupled with the regular Fantasia schedule of public screenings and parties. New facilities have been secured in one of the most modern buildings of the Concordia University campus, to allow for more meeting space and increase the event’s accreditations capacity.