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3D Naked Ambition ("3D Hao Qing")

Canadian Premiere
  • Hong Kong
  • 2014
  • 106 mins
  • DCP
  • Cantonese / Japanese
  • English (subtitles)
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“Brimming with colloquial Hong Kong humour and plenty of bare flesh... ripe with innuendo and social commentary” - James Marsh, SCREEN DAILY

He's taken on a dozen dangerous babes. He's married to a successful writer. No, he's not Ip Man, the kung fu master. He's Wyman (Chapman To), a bona fide loser down on his luck. Fate brings Wyman to Japan, where he lands the dream job of producing an AV (Japanese adult video) with one of his favourite idols. But the other lead actor quickly departs due to creative differences. To meet the looming deadline, Wyman plunges into the lead role and becomes an overnight sensation! AV actresses with incredible assets sized way up the alphabet tackle his manhood in numerous hit videos, causing a deep penetration into female viewer's appetite for him. But can his mojo sustain the rising demand? Wyman has also enlisted AV legend Kato Taka to help him master the Golden Finger technique. But this competition is quickly stiffened by another ex-pat (Louis Koo, in this year’s THE WHITE STORM and a Johnnie To regular) who has recently caused a pile of destruction in the AV industry and mastered the Golden Finger technique. Which disciple has the true Midas touch to annihilate the other?

Strap yourselves in for an orgy of outrageous laughs that will swiftly tickle your funnybone. Fresh from the international festival rounds in Hong Kong, New York and Udine, this hairy beast finally comes to country of the beaver with a hardcore vengeance. This stand-alone satire sequel written by Hong Kong’s funniest writers, Chan Hing- Kar (BREAKING NEWS) and Ho Miu-Kei, mercilessly pokes fun at the adult industry, celebrity and Asian culture on all fours while retaining a socially relevant subtext. Familiar AV faces parody themselves in some priceless scenes involving schoolgirls, busty girls, seductive nurses and even a kaiju battle. Famous HK stars add extra thespian gravitas to the proceedings, including award-winning Josie Ho (EXILED) as a foulmouthed manager and the ever-prolific Wong Jing (FROM VEGAS TO MACAU) as a porno expert who discussing the bad erectile side effects of the whole affair. Louis Koo simply chews up the scenery in the final showdown. Award-winning lead star Chapman To (INFERNAL AFFAIRS, VULGARIA), already the man to turn to for satires and comedies, is in top-notch form playing the reluctant star, and he tackles the reversed role of sex victim to ridiculous effect.

— King-Wei Chu