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He Never Died

International Premiere
Hosted by Director Jason Krawczyk and Producer Zach Hagen

Official Selection, SXSW 2015

“A virtually hypnotic combination of film noir, character study, crime story, and surprisingly effective horror” - Scott Weinberg, NERDIST

“A bloody, hilarious and smart slice of supernatural noir” - Rob Hunter, FILM SCHOOL REJECTS

Punk-rock icon and master of multiple media Henry Rollins has often acted fed up with people, and that’s a literal part of his role in HE NEVER DIED. Rollins’ Jack is a reluctant cannibal, preferring to hole up in his urban apartment rather than pose a threat to the populace, getting most of his sustenance from black-market blood packs. Circumstances do sometimes lead him to sup on bad people, and that’s when the beast inside him shows itself, along with a capacity to withstand even the most severe injury. It is possible to touch his heart, though, and his tentative relationship with diner waitress Cara (Kate Greenhouse, a Fantasia award-winner for THE DARK HOURS) and protectiveness for the teen daughter (Jordan Todosey) he meets for the first time, motivate him to plunge deeper into the city’s criminal underworld than he ever might if left to his own devices. And there will be a body count…

For all the physical damage Jack inflicts and suffers, Rollins rarely raises his famous voice, effectively underplaying the role and providing a low-key yet still forceful center for writer/director Jason Krawczyk’s bloody character study. Dropping occasional hints and bits of backstory about Jack’s past and true nature, Krawczyk places Rollins’ compelling antihero into a modern noir in which this occasionally murderous flesheater is the one you want on your side. An affecting performance by Greenhouse and a spunky, ingratiating one by Todosey bring additional humanity to the table, even as Rollins makes Jack a perhaps otherworldly creature who is human despite himself.

— Michael Gingold