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Goodnight Mommy

Quebec Premiere
  • Austria
  • 2014
  • 100 mins
  • HD
  • German
  • English (subtitles)
Official Selection: Venice Film Festival 2014
Official Selection: Toronto International Film Festival 2014
Official Selection: Hong Kong International Film Festival 2015

WINNER: Grand Prize of European Fantasy Film in Silver, Sitges Film Festival 2014
WINNER: Jury Prize, Gérardmer Film Festival 2015

“Rarely has auteur horror been done so atmospherically and with such deft control of tension” – Lee Marshall, SCREEN

“An involving nightmare you won’t soon forget… Gets under your skin early and stays there” – Pierce Conran, TWITCH

“A wicked little chiller full of foreboding and malevolent twists” – David Rooney, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Goodnight Mommy - Trailer from Films Distribution on Vimeo.

In a remote lakeside home, in the centre of scenic oblivion, a terrifying scenario is beginning to unfold. Twin brothers Elias and Lukas are having a difficult time understanding their mother’s recent behavioural changes after a painful facial surgery that currently has her entire visage bandaged as she convalesces. She has always been a strict disciplinarian, but even by her standards, she is now uncharacteristically impatient, aggressive and cold. The children are devastated by this angry, bandaged version of their mother. They grow convinced that the tightly wrapped woman in their home is a terrible imposter, and become determined to force her to reveal whatever she knows about what’s going on. Desperate to have their real mother returned to them, they will get the answers that they need to save her. By any means necessary.

Dramatically riveting and nightmarish to the core, GOODNIGHT MOMMY is a profoundly disturbing work of macabre beauty and black poetics, of unspeakable horror and scorching psychological hurt. Produced by confrontational arthouse maverick Ulrich Seidl, co-directed by Veronika Franz, brilliant co-writer of Seidl’s DOG DAYS, IMPORT/EXPORT and PARADISE trilogy, and Severin Fiala (KERN), this is a film of uncommon power that explores fears of parental abandonment and breakdowns of trust in ways most unusual. Intelligent and surreal, with startling aspects of body horror, it is informed by an enthralling love of cinema that will captivate you in even its darkest of moments as it paints a portrait of familial disintegration unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. When the credits roll, you will barely be able to breathe. Twenty years from now, you will still be talking about it.

— Mitch Davis