North American Premiere
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Hosted by Actors Céline Tran and Jean Paul Ly

Official Selection: Sitges Film Festival, Udine Far East Film Festival, Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival

Having finally been captured, the notorious criminal known as Playboy must now be transferred to a maximum security facility, an assignment which should be little more than routine for Dara (Dara Our) and her team. To ensure that things run smoothly, a French police officer (Jean-Paul Ly) is also along for the ride. What should have been a simple operation, however, soon turns into all-out war as an escalating prison riot keeps them all trapped inside the penitentiary. Far from being random, this beautiful chaos is all part of a plan set up by Madame Butterfly (Celine Tran), the head of a powerful crime syndicate who wants to break Playboy out of jail before his loose lips sink too many ships.

Years ago, Thailand gave us ONG BAK. Then Indonesia surprised us with THE RAID. This year, it’s Cambodia’s turn to redefine the limits of action cinema. Treating us to a traditional hand-to-hand action flick, Jimmy Henderson takes us back to the basics of action films with spectacular stunts and breathtaking fights at an unrelenting, frenetic pace. Serving up nothing but the best, Henderson employs the services of several renowned stuntmen and stuntwomen, including national MMA champion Tharoth Sam. Even though the film unfolds within a limited setting, Henderson and DOP Godefroy Ryckewart make the most of its explosive potential. Whether the fight scenes take place in long hallways, narrow prison cells or filthy bathrooms, the director and his team manage to re-invent themselves every step of the way. With this entertaining endeavor, not only is Jimmy opening himself up to the promising possibility of a successful franchise, but he also introduces us to Cambodia’s massive amount of cinematic talent. JAILBREAK highlights the beauty and the know-how of a national cinema worth discovering.

-translated by Guillaume Desbiens

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